why eSports?

The Benefits of Esports for Students

Esports is becoming increasingly popular especially among school students in the UK and many teachers, headteachers and school staff have noticed this growing interest and are investing in esports clubs, esports courses and esports facilities to cater to the growing interest in UK esports. Taking part in esports is more than just playing games, research has shown that students that take part in esports competitions often end up studying and working in tech related careers which are highly paid and in high demand.


Students that take part in esports clubs are more likely to choose and excel in STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics) subjects giving them the knowledge and skills they need to set off on highly paid career paths. Students that take part in esports activities also perform better in the classroom and esports leads to a bigger interest in STEM  subjects especially in gaming and esports. Many esports leagues offer scholarships to help students pay for university and this is something which Adaplay is working with universities to be able to do in the near future. Nowadays, universities offer esports programs for students, which creates a new viable path to university for those who may have never considered obtaining a higher education or a university degree. Students that get involved in extracurricular activities usually perform better in class, are more likely to do their homework and to do well in exams. Students also develop a stronger sense of belonging and become more engaged in school life.


Esports is a booming industry. Many job opportunities besides being a pro player are being created. Esports teaches participants many relevant skills, such as streaming, shoutcasting and event management. Other in demand careers in esports include coach, journalist, content creator, league managers and league operators.

Team Work

Many esports games are team based that require working together and collaboration between players and working together to develop winning strategies. Esports encourages communication and coordination between the players. By playing games, students are able to deepen their levels of interaction and communicate more effectively which prepares them for later life.

Benefits of Esports to Schools

The benefits of esports clubs benefits both students and the school as well. Having an esports club brings plenty of positive exposure and publicity to the school from media outlets that will want to learn more about the esports club and to students and parents who will be discussing it with their friends and family members. As we just saw above in the education section, students that participate in extra curricular activities tend to achieve better exam results which leads to higher ranks in school league tables, shines a positive light on the school and drives new opportunities for funding. Esports increases opportunities for students to become more involved, to belong to a group and to connect with their schools.