School Esports League

 Rocket League

Regular Season – (6th October – 15th December) Each team will play 1 match a week against an opposing team. The winning team will score 2 points which will be allocated on the Seasonal League Table.

In total, each team will play 11 matches (11 weeks of matches). All matches in Stage 1 are Best-of-5.

Playoffs – (22nd December):The teams that finish in the top X on the League Table will advance to a Single Elimination Bracket, to decide the overall winner of the Season.

Playoffs will take place in the 12th and final week of the season. All matches in Stage 1 are Best-of-5.


Regular Season – (8th October – 24th December) Each player will be allocated 1 hour a week to play their best match possible.

Players will earn score based off their number of kills and where they place in that match. That score will then be totalled and added onto the Seasonal League Table.

In total, each player will play 12 weeks of matches and the player at the top of the table after Week 12, is the winner.

Points System:

1 Point for a kill.

2 Points for a top 25% finish.

5 Points for a top 10% finish.

10 Points for a win.

Adaplay Schools Esports League Structure

Every Friday by 5pm coach’s must confirm the following weeks fixture

Rocket League Scoring/league Format

Fixtures to be played at 4PM on Tuesdays

Standard 3v3 Best of 5

12 teams to play each other once (11 fixtures)

2 points for a win

Coaches to submit results

Fortnite Scoring/league Format

Fixtures to be played at 4PM on Thursdays

1 full lobby = 1 game

point for a kill. 10 points for a win. 5 points for Top 10% finish (Top 10 in solos, Top 5 in duos, Top 3 in squads) 2 points for a Top 25% finish (Top 25 in solos, Top 12 in duos, Top 6 in Squads)

11 league games per season

Coaches to submit results

How to install epic launcher:

Visit Fortnite homepage

Click Download in the upper right corner.

When prompted, sign in with your existing account (in this case the players account)

There are additional login options if you want to use your console login.

The installer file for the launcher should start downloading automatically. If it doesn’t, click the button that corresponds with your platform (Mac/PC/Windows/Linux) to manually begin the download.

How to install games

How to set up/join private match/lobby

How to submit results

Make sure you are registered on Discord on the Adaplay Server.

Message an admin for the “Coaches” role – Look top right to see admins

Post the results of your game in the “Results” Channel


Your school team name vs Opposition 

Your score : Their score

Rocket League 


Your school team name

Your finishing position 

Number of Kills


Please take a screenshot/photo of your game score just in case of disputes

How to save replays

Rocket league best of 5 explained

Fortnite scoring explained