How it Works


It’s great news that you want to start your own esports club at your school but you don’t have idea of where to get started? Read on, we give you step by step advice on what to do create the esports club and be part of Adaplay Schools Esports League.

Find a teacher who will be able to help you manage your team and schedule meetings

Many teachers already run extracurricular clubs (such as robotics, gaming, coding, etc.) and they can be a great resource to reach out to for starting your team. If you can’t find a teacher willing to help, reach out to a school activities member for direction. People to speak with about starting your esports school club: Teachers of ICT/Computing Classmates or gamers in the school/college Head of ICT/Computing

Find interested students to join the team

Get the word out about your team with posters or flyers, or talk to other students about the team during club day at your school. Remember that a team with all types of members is important–it isn’t necessary to love games to play esports.

Develop a plan with your teacher advisor

Work together to plan out meetings days and times, and to finalize any paperwork your school may need to make your team official.

Reach out to interested students about the finalized team meeting days and times

We suggest creating an email list with emails from each student to keep in touch. Make a Discord, Facebook Group, or Twitter to streamline communication. Plan out some topics for the first meetings to keep things on track. Your teacher advisor can help with this.

Contact interested students and host your first team meeting

Once your club is up and running, you can start delegating leadership and working on team building activities. We suggest meeting multiple times a week for practice and to improve teamwork.

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