Adaplay Ambassador Guide

Adaplay School Esports

The UK School Esports League! Currently running tournaments in Rocket League and Fortnite with a £500 prize pool!

Our Goals

Bring esports to everyone

Create opportunities into further education and employment in esports

Become a recognised organisation where joining shows commitment recognised by universities/schools

The Process

Pupils and Teachers (coaches) sign up on our website after forming an esports team at their school. 

Each week they will receive information about their fixture – who they’re playing and when.Coach’s report to us their results. 

We will then track their scores on our leaderboards and at the end of the season declare a winner.

We’ll hand out the prize pool appropriately and then suggest any other events they can play in the off-season (IE knockout cups and charity events).

Key Information

Rocket League is a team of 3, Fortnite is Solos.

Players can play in both games.

A team should have a coach – so that FairPlay and conflicts can be resolved easily.

School teams can be called whatever the team wants, you’re still representing them however.

Each player and coach signs an agreement which they must read – this ensures player’s education does not suffer.

Your Role

Be our main point of contact with schools – give us feedback and relay any questions

Set up teams in your school (and others if you want to!)

Spread the word of who we are and what we do

The Future

Our goal is to be a platform that boosts young people into careers and education in esports, whilst providing a fun and competitive experience.

Scholarships and partnerships with Universities and Esports Organisations are our means of achieving this.